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The Ultimate Spiritual Bath Box! 


If you have never taken a spiritual bath, then you are in for a treat! It is a unique kind of bathing ritual that dates back to ancient times-- and though many aspects of it have changed, the idea remains the same. A spiritual bath can help you to cleanse your mind and spirit.


Not simply for the sake of de-stressing and cleaning your body like a regular bath, spiritual baths require you to be present and mindful, involving specific elements to enhance the bath with psychic power.


This box contains everything you need to take a spiritual bath and embrace its ritual  — that actually cleanses your chakras, revitalizes your aura, and leaves you feeling more present, and in an extremely positive state of mind . 

Spiritual Bath Box - Cosmic Love

  • Includes : Cosmic Love Soy Candle, Cosmic Love Soy Bath Bomb or Soap Bar, All Black Apothecary Matches, Tarot Card, and directions for use.