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The Ultimate Clearing Negative Energy Box! 


At a time like this, developing space-cleansing practices is a healing way to honor your inner flow of creative energy and ensure your spirit truly feels at home in your home.


This box contains everything you need to clear negative energy at work, home or any place!




To use sage it is advised to first open all doors, cabinets and windows. Once your space is prepared, take a moment to relax yourself and let your mind drift to your inner being. Connect with your higher self and ask for divine healing and protection. Set your intentions within yourself and ask for your guides to assist you along your cleansing journey. Starting in the back of your space, Bless your sage bundle with the highest of intentions and light it with a wooden match. as the bundles begins to release a layer of smoke, lay it in your shell and begin using your feather to direct the smoke into all corners of the room. As your smoke rises as for the smoke to cleanse, heal and purify the air. ask the smoke to carry the toxics of the space away and to fill with light. Ensure the smoke hits every corner and inside everything that has an empty space. if there are spaces you are unable to get, visualize the smoke entering these spaces. as you exit this space, continue in this pattern throughout your desired space and exit. Follow up with sweet grass doing as you did with the sage asking for the highest of divine guidance and love to fill the cleansed and purified space.


Clearing Negative Energy Box

  • Includes : Clearing Negative Energy Candle, Clearing Negative Energy Soap Bar, Cedar Sage Bundle, Obsidian Palm Stone, Natural Lion's Paw Shell, All Black Apothecary Matches, Tarot Card, and Mantra card.


    Clearing Negative Energy Soy Candle:

    This candle is made with all-natural soy wax and frankincense with organic lavender, white sage, and Palo Santo. Each candle is hand-poured and Reiki-charged to cleanse, purify, and balance the energy in your environment. These candles make the perfect house-warming gift as they are ideal for removing unwanted energy from previous homeowners, visitors, or spirits. They are designed to smudge the space when first lit.


    Clearing Negative Energy Soap Bar:

    • Ingredients: Frankincense with organic lavender, White Sage, and Palo Santo

    • This soap bar explodes with essential oils and loads of fizziness. Relax your body and mind and slip into a more sensual headspace.

    Obsidian Palm Stone:

    • Grounding
    • Clearing
    • Protection
    • Detoxification
    • Negativity Shield

    Cedar Sage Bundle: 

    Cedar is an herb used by cultures for the use of smudging. Cedar is generally burned during prayer as it is said the smoke carries your prayers to the creator. cedar is used in sweat lodges and in homes during cleansing as it helps to purify the energy of the space. Cedar drives out old and negative energies and helps to drive in positive energies. Cedar is considered a very ancient positive omen and is still used today in conjunction with sage.


    Lion's Paw Shell:

    Lion's Paw scallop shells are large deep bivalve shells were often used by ancient civilizations for cooking over open fires as well as using them to hold sage while they held a feather to fan and spread the smoke around the space. These lion's paws are very strong and natural earth tone colors.


    All Black Apothecary Matches in Glass Vial:

    Burning the color black creates a vacuum to vacate energies. After you burn a black match, light a sage bundle or candle colored with the frequency you wish to fill this void with.