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Ingredients: Green Tea 85%, Sun Flower Petals 8%, Marigold Petals 6%, Natural Apple Flavor 1.0%, Spiced Apple Pieces


Description: The perfect summer iced green tea. Sweet dried spiced apples with the floral jasmine take you away to a quiet orchard where you can sit in the sun under a shade tree and read a book.


Benefits: The jasmine flower holds deep significance across cultures, symbolizing divine love, purity of the soul, and spiritual awakening. Its intoxicating fragrance is said to transport you to higher realms, making meditation and relaxation a breeze. So, grab a cup of Jasmine tea, light some incense, and let your spirit soar


Instructions: Steep 1 TBSP tea in 8 oz boiling water, cover for 5 minutes.

Spiced Apple & Jasmine Green Tea (travel tin)


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