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This blend was created to ward off any type of negativity, unwanted energy, or intentions such as spells, curses, or jinxes. It can assist with protection while promoting a harmonious and peaceful environment. Use it as a means to avert psychic attacks, as it blocks energy from people who may drain you. It’s a perfect oil to use when dealing with any type of conflict or spiritual upset. 



  • Volume: 0.25 fluid ounces

  • Ingredients: This blend includes some of our most beloved protective herbs and essential oils to this blend such as Agrimony, Sage, Angelica, Myrrh, Eucalyptus, and many others.

  • Ships from Tucson Arizona


PROTECT ME FROM EVIL! - Oil For Negativity, Psychic Attacks & Evil Intentions

  • How to use:


    • It can be worn on the body.
    • Add it to yourt bath.
    • Rub on the front door.
    • Place a drop or two in a bowl of salt and keep it under your bed.
    • Dab some in a bible and place it near your fireplace or entrance to your home.
    • Dab a bit on some railroad spikes or iron nails and bury them near the entrance of your home. 
    • Put a drop in every corner of the room or space you are trying to protect.
    • Anoint some on your favorite religious prayer candles or simply anoint some on a plain white pillar candle.
    • Place a dab or two on a silver dime and keep it in your pocket or anoint some on your favorite piece of jewelry or talisman.
    • You can also simply add a few drops to a charcoal disc and fumigate your home to clear out any unwanted energies.
    • If you are a fan of St. Michael, make a request to him by anointing some oil on a red candle and reciting Psalm 141 or Psalm 90.

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