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Incense Made In Peru!

Natural hand-made incense sticks with 30 min burning time and low smoke.


Palo Santo + Rue:  Powerful Cleansing, Protection and Purifying! 

Palo Santo & Rue Incense

  • 100% natural incense sticks made with Palo Santo wood that has been sustainably harvested. Palo Santo also known as “sacred wood”, grows vastly in the dry forests of northern Peru.

    Handcrafted with love in Peru for your sustainable wellness journey. Always natural, sustainable and relaxing.

    Our incense natural ingredients are mixed by hand, using palo santo wood, resins or plants to create our authentic aromas. You can see the ingredients in our packaging.

    This is a great company for meditation or yoga, using Palo Santo Incense will be must helpful to meditate and relax, while clearing all negative vibes that might be around.

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