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Sustainably sourced from Peru, these Palo Santo smudge stick bundles are made using ethically harvested Palo Santo and earth-friendly processes.

Light and use to bring positive, cleansing energy to your home. Place it on our Rustic Grey Tray when smoldering.

Each bundle contains 4 smudge sticks.


This is the same palo santo found in our various Bruja Boxes!


Palo Santo Bundle

  • Palo Santo is a tree with many benefits that grows in the Dry Tropical Forests of South America, primarily Ecuador and Peru. It belongs to the same plant family that gives us frankincense, myrrh, and copal.


    Palo Santo incense smoke and essential oils yield sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. The people of the source region have long revered Palo Santo for its many benefits and healing properties.


    Palo Santo features in aspects of ritual and daily life.


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