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This blend features an array of herbs and oils that are revered for their ability to aid in the manifestation of your intentions. It is time to turn your aspirations, goals, dreams and wishes into reality. A manifestation ritual can help you focus on your intentions and turn them into concrete actions. It makes a great tool for harnessing your creative energy and helps guide your ideas and thoughts into a solid vision. This is also a great oil to use in combination with your other favorite oils for an added boost to your rituals. 



  • Volume: 0.25 fluid ounces

  • Ingredients: This blend includes Bamboo, Ginger, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka along with other manifestation ingredients.

  • Ships from Tucson Arizona

MANIFEST THIS! - Oil for Goals, Dreams, Aspirations and Wishes

  • How to use:


    • Dab a little on your skin.
    • Drop a little into your warm bath.
    • Dab a little into the heel of your shoe.
    • Anoint some on important papers, business cards, or simply dab a drop or two on a dollar and keep it in your wallet.
    • For love related goals, anoint some on a photograph, a pink candle or mix some in your favorite lotion and use it while interreacting with a love interest.


    This is one of the oils where we encourage people to leave room for the unknown. You may get something you never thought was possible. The unexpected can often be much better than you ever thought possible.

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