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This oil was designed to help you protect yourself from negative energy, psychic attacks, curses, hexes, or jinxes. It works by creating a protective shield around you. Use it when you find yourself in situations where you feel afraid or intimidated by a person, a particular place, or circumstance.  Besides being a great weapon for waging war on undesirable adverse energies, it has great prevention properties. 



  • Volume: 0.25 fluid ounces

  • Ingredients: This blend includes Cinnamon, Rue, Witches Black Salt, Black Peppercorn, Dragon's Blood, and many other protection-related herbs and oils.

  • Ships from Tucson Arizona


SHIELDS UP! - Oil for Negative Energy, Curses, Hexes & Jinxes

  • How to use:


    • Anoint railroad spikes and then place them in the soil near entrances to your home.
    • Put a few drops in every corner of a home or office.
    • Dab a little bit on all four corners of your work desk.
    • Dab a little onto your skin.
    • Wash down your doors or windows with it.
    • Drop a little into your warm bath.
    • Dab a drop or two onto any object or possession of special importance or value to you.
    • Anoint a blue candle while reciting Psalm 141 and/or Psalm 90.


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