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My spiritual practice pulls from my Native American ancestral roots (Comanche) and is centered in centuries old practices. All of my conjure oils, and spiritual items are crafted artfully and intentionally to honor the spirits that walk with me, honor the traditions of my ancestors, and to help elevate others through the magic of these paths.

Each of my oils is handcrafted aromatic compounds, herbs, roots, stones, and other materials associated with the oil's intention. The oil will often arrive to you still containing the loose herbs, flowers, roots, and other materials in the bottle, which you can choose to strain out or keep in the bottle to continue to infuse it. 

The transportive power of fragrance lends itself effortlessly to rituals. Because it has the ability to powerfully evoke memories, emotions, and desires, fragrance is an ideal vehicle for placing intention, no matter what your practice is. From ancient rituals to hoodoo work to contemporary aromatherapy practices, the power of scent has always been an integral part of ritual.

Aroma has a unique way of quickly heightening the senses, triggering emotions, and opening up the pathway to focus mental and emotional energy. Just as a unique scent can seem to carry you away to another time and place, it can also help facilitate meditative states and moods. Scent is transportive, and you can work with that transportive quality to heighten your rituals. 

The most potent aspect of working with these types of oils is the intention and personal energy that you put behind them while working with them. Each blend contains a meticulously selected and blessed group of ingredients meant to influence the direction of your work, and the activation lies in your method of working with them. There are some general methods that you might find helpful in unlocking the full potential of each oil. 

While many of my customers use these oils in their spiritual practices, many simply enjoy wearing them as a perfume due to their unique aroma profiles. A ritual doesn't have to be complicated. Merely wearing a fragrance that resonates with your chosen intention and mood can change the energy of your day.

When working with these oils, please be sure to keep pets away from them and the areas they are used in since many essential oils, herbs, and roots are very toxic to pets. 


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